Using Proximity Beacons with MessageSpring

If you are a MessageSpring customer, you are already at a competitive advantage over the majority of other organizations in your industry. If you are a municipality, school or apartment, you are way ahead of your counterparts who are still just trying to get ANY message in front of their audiences.

You are able to send messages to any segment of your audience who enjoy different channels, languages and topics with the same effort level of sending an email to your best friend.  The MessageSpring platform ensures that everyone gets the right message at the right time and in the right language.

However, imagine sending a message that’s always in the right place.  With proximity messaging, you can deliver a message that is relevant because the recipient is in a very particular location such as the front gate of the school or in the lobby of city hall.  If you are a retail establishment, imagine sending a message to a passerby who happens to be a customer letting them know that they can come in and enjoy a special discount JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE CLOSE BY.

Proximity Messaging Overview

Effective, reliable and safe proximity messaging relies on proximity beacons. Proximity beacons are inexpensive bluetooth devices that reliably and securely help us deliver messages based upon your location.  Simply put a beacon in or around places of interest and that’s all the infrastructure you need to deliver messages when people come within a specific distance from that beacon.


This image shows an app receiving a message because it's near a proximity beacon

Advantages of Proximity Messaging

There are many advantages to proximity messaging. Here are a few.

Increased Effectiveness

Messages delivered by proximity beacons increase the open rate for most companies due to the very specific location based targeted messages. Research shows that people open beacon based messages nearly 4x more often than standard push notifications because those messages appear more relevant.


Beacon technology is also affordable and relatively easy to install and setup, which makes it low risk and high possible return on investment.

Enhanced Communication Strategy

Beacon marketing can increase the effectiveness of a business’ communication strategy as well as stimulate in-location sales. Beacon triggered notifications based on proximity allow apps to be more engaging shopping tools and also drives traffic with a promotion to the nearest physical location if, for example, you are in the mall and beacon technology directs you to a specific store.

Less Big Brother

Unlike “always tracking” GPS apps, beacon based proximity messages only work in specific locations in areas where customers have opted in and voluntarily visit. The beacons are only able to trigger messages when a subscriber is within 200 feet of the beacon. Once people return home or leave the area, there’s no messaging (i.e. no perceived tracking).

Using Proximity Messaging with MessageSpring

MessageSpring relies on proximity beacons (available from us) to deliver messages in specific areas around our customer premises.   Once you purchase your MessageSpring beacons, we ship them to you and they will be available in your account.  Once they are in your account, you can begin to configure them.  Once you have them in hand, you can immediately use them.

Picture of MessageSpring's dashboard showing beacon inventory

In the image above, you can see the Beacon inventory in the MessageSpring Dashboard. You can see the details of each beacon and are able to turn them on or off.

The image below shows all of the beacon messages that have been created. From this screen, you can edit any of the messages, delete them or make them Active/Inactive.

This image shows the MessageSpring beacon message list.

The images below show how to create a beacon message.  The Compose / Edit Beacon Message popup has several options.  So, we show it in two parts, the top and the bottom.

In the first image, you see the top of the popup where you:

  1. Select Beacons – Select one or more beacons where this message should be attached.
  2. Choose Distance – Choose the radius around the beacon
  3. Select Message Type – Message Type includes General and Event.
  4. Select Message Priority – Message Priority includes Information and Important.
  5. Choose Recipients – Select the groups that should receive this message when they enter the Distance set above. If you are a school, you can assign a message for Parents to the Entrance Beacon and a completely different message for Students on the same beacon.  When a family enters school, each person might get a different message in a different language (depending upon preferences).

This image shows how to compose a beacon message

The image below shows the bottom of the same popup where you:

  1. Write the Title and Body of your message – This is no different than composing the Subject and Body of an email. The title will be seen in the Notification on the subscribers’ phones. The body will be seen when the subscribers click on the notification. Again, this works like email. Users click on an email and then read the body.  In the above case, a church is delivering a daily Bible verse when church members arrive.
  2. Attach a Voucher – MessageSpring has built in vouchers.  You create them and then attach them to messages.
  3. Launch it now or later – Create your messages and make them available via one or more beacons now or at anytime in the future.
  4. Handle Recurrence – Subscribers don’t want to receive a message every time they wander past a beacon.  Use recurrence to manage that.
  5. Save – This will save the message and make it active according to the above settings.

This image shows the bottom section of the compose beacon message dialog