Please Round Up When You Visit McDonald’s

My name is Kevin Bloom and I’ve recently gotten involved in the Ronald McDonald House Charities. It’s one of the most enjoyable things that I’ve done in my life. Very fulfilling.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (“RMHC”), founded on October 15, 1974 in Philadelphia, PA, supports families around the world and helps them access the medical care and resources they need.

Their assistance is in high demand.  In St Louis, MO alone, their rooms are usually at 100% capacity and the waiting list is 20 families deep.  There are many anecdotal stories, but these two really moved me:

  1. One family was waiting on an organ transplant for their child.  The RMHC housed this family for 2 years – free of charge – while they waited for the transplant.
  2. Another family was flown from St Louis to Europe for a very unique medical procedure for one of their children. The RMHC covered all costs for that family to fly to Europe and stay there for the medical treatment.

Providing services like these is very costly. Each year, every local RMHC office must move heaven and earth to fund their operations and pay for the assistance that they provide. The demand for their services expands and therefore so does the funding required to address that demand.

The RMHC’s mission is huge, important and daunting.  So, every little bit helps. Did you know that it costs an average of $80 a night to house a family? In 2018, RMHC provided more than 2.5 million overnight stays in communities around the world saving families over $930 million in food and lodging costs.  Please help – you may need their services one day.

How can you help?  McDonald’s restaurants makes it very easy. When visiting your local McDonald’s, you’ve probably been asked if you would like to round up.  PLEASE DO IT!  Those few cents, which you will never miss – added to all rounding up by others – adds up to a lot of help for people in need who are helped by the RMHC.

Let’s look at my recent personal example. Yesterday, I visited McDonald’s to buy my mother an ice cream. I tossed a BigMac onto the order for myself for good measure.  (I’ve been getting way too fit lately.)  The cashier asked “Would you like to round up?”  My answer was, “Absolutely”.

Rounding up 76 Cents

As you can see from the picture, I contributed 76 cents to the Ronald McDonald House of St. Louis. It doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up.  AND, that rounded dollar amount looks amazing on my debit card transaction history. When you’re paying in cash, what’s the point of getting that change back and then losing it under your car seat or hearing it get tossed around in the dryer later that night? Put it to work at the RMHC.

Last year, the St Louis branch of RMHC raised $2 MILLION this way to cover costs of alleviating pain and stress of families in medical emergencies. We still need to bump that up.

Look, I’ve run the numbers and conducted the analysis. There’s simply no way to justify NOT rounding up EVERY SINGLE ORDER at McDonald’s. With the number of McDonald’s restaurants in your area and the fact that most have 2 drive thru queues, the only reason that the St Louis RMHC won’t pull in $4M this year is that you want more change under your car set.

This morning I went back to McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin and more giving.

FYI:  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your rounded up pocket change goes directly to your local Ronald McDonald House.